• How To Get Rid of Spider Mites

    How to get rid of spider mites

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  • Introducing Method 1-pps

    Growth Efficiency Technologies is proud to introduce Method 1-pps to the world. This initial offering is one of a series of products with ingredients that are generally considered harmless and non-toxic, targeted for use in Integrated Pest Management. By not incorporating any poisons into this product we are assuring that your plant products can be free of dangerous volatile chemical compounds [...] Continue Reading
  • Method 1-pps: What We Have Learned

    After using Method 1-pps as part of an IPM protocol during the last year and a half we felt it is time to assess and communicate to our users everything we have learned. First, let me say that we are still impressed at what can be accomplished with this product and how little effect it [...] Continue Reading
  • Pesticide Use in Cannabis Production

    Pesticide Use in Cannabis Production I found this great article about pesticide use in cannabis production. As marijuana legalization develops in many states around the US, it is interesting how regulation of pesticide use is being considered (or not). Many thanks to beyondpesticides.org for allowing us to post this article. Growth Efficiency's products are designed [...] Continue Reading