About Method 1

(formerly Growth Efficiency Technologies)

Method 1 (formerly Growth Efficiency Technologies) has been producing and supplying small-batch clean, concentrated green solutions for all sizes of gardeners and growers for over 6 years. Based in the agriculturally-rich region of southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley, our plant protection and pest control products offer a non-toxic alternative for vineyards, orchards, and hemp and cannabis farms. We also offer tools and equipment for the application of all our products, along with step-by-step information and guidance for best results. Because Method 1 is a concentrated formula, our value-oriented packaging options can be scaled for home growers to large-scale growing operations. Plus, because Method 1 is made of completely natural ingredients — it is ideal for organic gardeners and growers.

Method 1 is dedicated to providing only the highest quality, most user and environmentally-friendly products available – at affordable prices.