Method 1 Plant Protection System

by Growth Efficiency Technologies

Nontoxic Pest Control by Growth Efficiency Technologies

Non-toxic pest control for Indoor and Outdoor Organic Gardening

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  • Method 1 pps – Kill Spider Mites & More Safely

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  • 80x Handheld Microscope

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  • 360 degree sprayer

    $6.25$9.50 Select size
  • Method 1 AC+ Kill Aphids and More Safely

    $7.00$190.00 Select size

Plant Protection Products

Growth Efficiency Technologies carries plant protection products, like Method 1 PPS, that will shield your plants from harmful insects. It can be used preemptively or to remove any pests actively damaging the plants. These products are nontoxic and considered food-safe even up to the day of harvest. Our products use essential oils, allowing for safe treatment, unlike the application of chemical pesticides. We also carry the tools to make caring for and evaluating your plant’s health easier, such as the Wi-Fi Microscope or 360-Degree Sprayer. Don’t overlook these tools; the equipment used for caring for your plants is just as important as what you treat them with. Our plant protection products repel pests while keeping your plants free from harmful chemicals.

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