Testing Cannabis and Method 1-pps

In Oregon, testing cannabis for unsafe levels of pesticides is required. Since our product, Method 1-pps falls into the pesticide category we decided to run the same battery of tests and then some. We ran a complete set of tests, not on cannabis which had been treated with Method 1-pps, and not on the watered down application strength Method 1-pps, but on the full strength concentrate of Method 1-pps. We just got the results from that lab analysis and want to share it with all of you. You see four columns with the first showing the name of the compound for which it is being tested. Second column shows allowable presence (Limit in PPB) as set by the State of Oregon. The third column indicates (LOQ) the lab’s ability to test for levels down to the number shown in parts per billion. The fourth column shows test results. In every instance, Method 1-pps tested at a level lower than the lab’s ability to test (<LOQ or less than LOQ.)

What does this say about Method 1-pps?

It is pretty much free of any unsafe pesticides compounds. As a grower you can be confident about passing any tests if Method 1-pps is the pest treatment you are using.

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