Brownguy420 Reviews Method 1-pps

brownguy_logo Our friend Brownguy420 has been using Method 1-pps for some time now and reviews his experience in one of his informative videos. His videos extol the virtues of no-till gardening and are instructional about the methods and benefits of this organic gardening technique. On his YouTube channel you will find a series of videos on this subject entitled “Breaking the Bonds from Bottled Nutrients”. There are also videos reviewing various products, methods, and techniques. Brownguy is dedicated to organic and non-toxic approaches to nurturing his garden, assuring his customers of a clean and healthy product. His website/YouTube channel contains a lot of educational and entertaining information. Check it out here: 

To view his video where he talks about his experience with Method 1-pps try this link: 

There is also an interview with the formulator of Method 1-pps in another video which can be seen at: in which you can learn more about how Growth Efficiency’s plant protection system works.

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